Plus Size Asymmetrical Swing Top Tunic Dress

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Chich and slenderizing. Long enough for any height. It's soft, durable, and has ample stretch for your curves. Don't be surprised if you want to collect these in all colors. This designer tunic is for curvy divas who want to look and feel their best, every moment of every day.

  • Tailored specifically for US customers (not unreliable Asian sizes)
  • Loose fitting for superior comfort
  • flowy sides for a classy look
  • Sizes (XL/1XL) (US Size 14-16) : Bust 46" (around), Center Length 36", Side Length 43", Hips 56"+ ; (2XL/3XL) (US Size 18-20) : Bust 52" (around), Center Length 38", Side Length 45", Hips 58"+ ;( 4XL/5XL) (US Size 20-24) : Bust 58"(around), Center Length 38", Side Length 45", Hips 60"+